Sunset Stroll Through Santa Cruz’s Westside

An Evening Walk on the Westside

Santa Cruz moon during sunset

Early view of the moon in Santa Cruz.

The view of the moon on the Westside can be almost as nice as the view of the sunsets. Sometimes we just forget to look up and notice it in the middle of the day or early evening.

Dog on the beach in Santa Cruz, California

Dogs and humans alike love the Santa Cruz beaches

There are several local dog friendly beaches and parks in Santa Cruz. One of the best can be found on the Westside.

santa cruz westside surfing

Westside surfing action in Santa Cruz.

Some of the best views of local surfers are on West Cliff Dr., especially if you know the good spots.

Santa Cruz ice plants

The plants like catching some rays in Santa Cruz too.

The ice plants are considered prime parking for local beach cruisers.

Santa Cruz waterfall

Houses on West Cliff Dr. cast shadows on the cliffs.

The sun ducks behind houses on West Cliff Dr., casting shadows on the cliffs.

Santa Cruz plant at sunset

The sun glimmers off a plan on the Westside.

The last couple rays of sunshine disappearing from John St.

Natural Bridges State Park birds

Birds relaxing at Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz, CA

Great place to grabs some sun but the locals can be pretty protective of their favorite spots.

Ocean fence in Santa Cruz

Ocean view with a fence. Santa Cruz, CA.

Behind this fence line is a beautiful view. Surprisingly, this is the sturdier part of this fence.

Santa Cruz wall shadow

Couldn’t resist a shadow self-portrait.

Shadows always look awesome on this wall. I was preparing to duel as this photo was taken.